Community Guidelines

Welcome to Pulse!

You’ll find a supportive, helpful, and growing collective of people at Pulse. Our goal is tobe a community where you can be free to share your point-of-view, literally. Wewould very much like you to help us do just that, so here are some guidelines for how toparticipate on our app or in the social media wild of our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In Short

We couldn’t be more happy that you’re a part of our community.

Please help us keep an eye out for inappropriate streams (defined below) that may have gottenpast our (very) small team of moderators. We are relying on the community to help us moderateinappropriate content. If you do see anything, please help us by reporting it immediately. You canreport a stream by tapping the three dots in the corner of the video and tapping‘Report.’ The reported stream will be immediately reviewed by our (once again very small) teamof moderators.
We built Pulse for everyone: all religions, bodies, races, and pronouns. If you do notice anybehavior that is rude – please let us know by emailing us at:

Streaming Video

Firstly, currently streaming is invite only. If you'd like to stream, please email us at:
Here are some guidelines for streaming as well as what will get your video removed and your account quitepossibly banned. Please note this is not a comprehensive list. Our moderators reserve the right toremove anything we deem inappropriate.

First, the age limit on Pulse is 13, so when streaming, keep in mind that your youngersibling or cousin or niece/nephew or your best friend’s kid or your kid could see the video – thinkabout what would be appropriate vs inappropriate for a 13 year old.

We will be removing any videothat depict or contain pornography, violence, vile languageand anything else we deem not PG-13.

Unless you have purchased ad space, we will not allow any links to be uploaded in your streams.
Only upload streams for which you have ownership.
We are not a platform for spreading mis-information and/or conspiracy theories, and will removeall such videos.

General Guidelines

We support and encourage chat in the community. We expect our community to be supportive and keep themessaging clean. Please report any user that is inappropriate or nasty on messages.

We will not tolerate personal attacks (this includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, and other discrimination).
When signing up for your account, using a false account signals to us that you mightnot be here for the right reasons. You also may not create accounts designed to impersonate another person. On that note, don’t reveal someone else’s personal information.

Trolling is a messy, nasty business and we don’t want any part of it as such, we won’t tolerate itin any form on our platform.

Is This Censorship?

We’re trying to foster a positive, supportive and safe community and we willremove any content that harm that endeavor. You’re free to post and say whatever you like onother platforms, but not here. We are working hard to make Pulse a new way to share your activities bymaking it uplifting, supportive, safe, and useful. And the bottom line is that we will protect ourcommunity in any way we see fit.

How to Create an Account

You can easily create an account by clicking ‘Sign Up’ at the top of the page. You can eitherregister directly or with your Apple ID, Facebook, or Google+ account. You might be interestedin checking out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
The next step is to start enjoying the platform, chat on other users streams, and share the stoke!

Need to disable your account?

Just get in touch with us via: and wewill help you out.